How will I receive the Sim card of the Brazilian cell phone number that I have purchased on your website?

Your question:

I have purchased a Brazilian cell phone number to receive calls and I would like to know how I will receive the SIM card, since I have not paid transport costs.

Our answer:

The Brazilian cell phone number purchased at Hivoox is a virtual number and you do not need a SIM card to use it. If you have placed the order on the website, you must provide a copy of your identity document or passport and then you will receive an email with your Brazilian cell phone number and the information to configure it on your device.

You can set up your Brazilian cell phone number using one of the methods listed below.

1- Receive calls on your mobile phone by installing the APP zoiper or media5fone.
2- Receive calls on your computer by installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
3- Forward calls to your current phone number (it has an additional cost).
4- Receive calls on your ip phone, SIP adapter or pabx ip.

You will not receive a SIM card.
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