A sip trunk is an IP telephone line that uses the SIP protocol and makes it possible to receive and make telephone calls over the Internet with voip technology.

A sip trunk allows SIP-based voip telephony operators to connect one or more calls to the customer's switchboard. To receive calls with virtual numbers, the voip operator connects the virtual number to a sip trunk. 

 By using a sip trunk in your telephone system, you will reduce the cost of your monthly telephone bills because you can choose operators according to their cost or unlimited package for specific destinations and make calls at low prices.

You will reduce the cost to your customers by installing phone numbers from different countries without being physically present, so your customers will always call a local number at a reduced cost.

When you change your office or relocate your business, you will keep the same phone numbers and billing terms. With the sip trunk, you will not have to complicate your life and waste time with the transfer of your telephone line.