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  1. We want to encourage other companies to use the services of Hivoox Telecom

    We are clients of Hivoox Telecom for more than 4 years with the services of DID number. We started by establishing 4 numbers in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg, then we continued with other countries to have 34 numbers in different countries today.

    The perfect functioning of the system is essential for our business, with more than 40 agents distributed in different agencies. For all these years we can only congratulate this collaboration because we always have a quality service without interruptions. We want to encourage other companies to use the services of Hivoox Telecom.

    Hicham Karkouri
    Stock Manager 
    Spare parts and services  - Belgium


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  2. Telephone package to call Portuguese landlines and mobile phones.

    Do you live in Angola and want to make free calls to Portugal and receive calls with a number from Portugal as if you were in Portugal? Discover our Portugal Voip Package to make and receive calls and reduce the cost of your telephone bills. The Voip Portugal Package includes a telephone line for making and receiving calls plus a Voip Grandstream DP720 phone plus a Grandstream DP750 Base. This IP Telephony Package does not require any installation or technical knowledge on your part.

    Receive the Voip Portugal Package and connect it to your Internet Router and start making and receiving calls.
    When purchasing this Voip Portugal Package, the included IP phone becomes the user's property, only the associated phone plan is billed to the customer each month.

    You can learn more about this service by visiting our website...

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